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> From: M. Gerards [mailto:metgerards@student.han.nl]
> Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 5:38 AM
> To: deFreese, Barry
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> Subject: RE:
> > Read it.  Started to dive into rpctrace code and got lost 
> fairly quickly.
> > Was going to try to start on fat translator issues but have 
> seen that
> > someone else has been working on them already.
> What is your problem with rpctrace? And the fatfs translator 
> isn't ready yet. 
> You can help me a lot by fatfs hacking by just testing it and 
> reporting bugs. 
> Fatfs should work now (readonly), although I cannot prommise 
> it won't kill your 
> filesystem.
> Feel free to contact me by mail or via IRC if you have some 
> problems with 
> fatfs :)
> Thanks,
> Marco

I don't have a problem with rpctrace, there is just a project out on
Savannah about cleaning up the output to make it more readable.  As for the
fatfs, let me see what I can do.  What's the preferred method for creating
the partition(s)?

Which reminds me.  Not to jump topics in a thread but is there a native
partition utility in the Hurd?  I don't see fdisk, pdisk, cfdisk or any
others that I know???

Thanks again!!

Barry deFreese
Technology Services Manager
Nike Team Sports

"Technology doesn't make you less stupid; it just makes you stupid faster."
Jerry Gregoire - Former CIO at Dell


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