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Quoting "deFreese, Barry" <Barry.deFreese@nike.com>:

> I don't have a problem with rpctrace, there is just a project out on
> Savannah about cleaning up the output to make it more readable.  As for the
> fatfs, let me see what I can do.  What's the preferred method for creating
> the partition(s)?

Perhaps I've asked the wrong question. Why have you stopped working on it and
what can people help you with so you can hack on it again?

About fatfs. It isn't finished yet. Writing won't work at all (You will lose
data when not using the translator readonly). Reading should work now, but it
has not been tested yet.

It should be able to support all FAT formats (FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32). And all
partition sizes (supported by the Hurd, I have no idea if there is a limit, but
I don't think so...). You can test by creating FAT partitions, disks, etc. and
try to read them. Long filenames are not supported yet, but you should be able
to access the files by using the short name. If you can produce a small
filesystem that is not accepted, please tell me how to reproduce this.

Another thing you can do is to make it crash and make it do weird stuff, but
please try to remember how to reproduce this.

There is also a list of things that should be done for fatfs on savannah:


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