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RE: A few questions - Long

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> From: Alfred M. Szmidt [mailto:ams@kemisten.nu]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 6:26 AM
> To: bddebian@cox.net
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> Subject: Re: A few questions - Long
>    GNUMach 2.0 (OSKit - Mach??): The newer GNUMach kernel using the
>    OSKit libraries?
> Correct.
>    The only reason for this not being implemented yet is 
> because of lack
>    of a console???
> Wrong, there is a console, and it actually works.  I think that Marcus
> Brinkmanns new console should also work under it (it supports virtual
> consoles, PC speaker sound, and some other stuff that I don't
> remeber).

Alfred.  Thanks for the response.  So is getting "GNUMach 2.0" just a matter
compiling 1.3 with the OSKit libraries or is there a branch for it?

>    Am I close or am I lost?  The main reason that I ask is that I
>    wanted to install Debian GNU/Hurd on my laptop so I can carry it
>    back and forth to work and home but there is no PCMCIA support for
>    GNUMach 1.3.  So I thought it might be interesting to try to write
>    it but it sounds as though there is PCMCIA support in GNUMach 2.0?
> David Wagner was working on PCMCIA support for GNUMach 2.0, you might
> want to check with him if you two can work together on this (check the
> archives for his email address).

I'll see if I can contact him, thanks.

>    Also, where is the best place for the "true" status of the Hurd.  I
>    track several sites but they all seem to be old, including
>    Savannah.
> The offical web page for the Hurd is has the "true" status of the
> Hurd: http://hurd.gnu.org.

I've been there, its one that I track but it seems pretty outdated also?

>    I'm trying to figure out how I can start to get involved
>    but I cannot even figure out who is doing what.
> Look at the TODO file in the CVS repository for the Hurd and find
> something that you think is interesting to work on.
>    For example, there is an old item out on Savannah about >2Gb
>    support for ext2fs but I am seeing messages about someone fixing
>    that on the bug-hurd mailing list.
> Depends on what you called "fixed", the patch by Ognyan is quite alpha
> from what I can see (read-write support is highly unstable).

Fair enough.  However the two that I considered are the rpctrace and the
fatfs stuff, both of which I have recently seen people working on from
Thanks again for the responses!!

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