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Re: A few questions - Long

   Alfred.  Thanks for the response.  So is getting "GNUMach 2.0" just
   a matter compiling 1.3 with the OSKit libraries or is there a
   branch for it?

No, not at all.  GNU Mach 1.3 and GNU Mach 2.0 (or whatever it will be
called) are quite different.  You will have to check it out from the
CVS repository.  See http://sv.gnu.org/projects/hurd for information
on how to do just that.

   > The offical web page for the Hurd is has the "true" status of the
   > Hurd: http://hurd.gnu.org.

   I've been there, its one that I track but it seems pretty outdated

Why does it seem "pretty outdated"?

   Thanks again for the responses!!

You're welcome and happy hacking!

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