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Re: status of coreutils

   1- PATH_MAX bug reported to upstream [1], being sent to debianbts

Could you check how this bug got into coreutils?  Because I know that
previous version (i.e. beta versions) didn't have this bug.  You might
also want to send the bug report to bug-gnu-utils since I don't know
how often Jim or Paul read the Savannah bug section.

   2- coreutils/tests/misc/nice triggers nice() bug in libc, see

Isn't this an old and known bug?  Or am I confusing it with something

   3- coreutils/tests/mv/perm-1 triggers critical bug in libdiskfs,
   see #190732

Isn't this the same as the /tmp permission bug that foobared the
file-system that was reported a few months ago?  If so maybe Roland
should get of his lazy ass and apply the patch that someone sent. :-)

Robert, keep up the good work!

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