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Re: K3, dependency probs

   (Not to blame you of course, i'm sure you do much more relevant
   work than "maintaining" the coreutils package.)

If you call not having a computer for 3 months, and right now having
an exam period more relevant, sure. :-)

   IMHO the point of that idea seems to be that we can forget about a
   package with the certainty that someone checks it before every
   release. If none of us has time to do that (hey that includes me
   too ;)), the idea seems quite pointless.

   I think if noone has time to "maintain" a package, it's better to
   know there's no maintainer rather than happyly think we're safe :)

We don't have that kind of man power, for example we don't have the
man power to do such an simple task as keeping the web pages
updated. So assuming that we can find enough people to maintain the
core packages so that they work on GNU/Hurd is unrealistic right now.

Personally I don't like the "forget about a package" idea, because one
might think that it is not worth sending bug reports since the
"GNU/Hurd maintainer" might already know about it.

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