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Re: gnu-latest.tar.gz

M. Gerards wrote:

I assume you mean the password server with the evil program. The password server is the one who dies and needs to be debugged. I don't see any changes to the password server and its interfaces in CVS... I think another debian package caused this, I remember a change to /etc/passwd or something like that. (This is just a guess, but I hope it helps :)).

I tought this too, but I looked at /etc/passwd and all was OK.
I had encripted password directly in /etc/passwd, no /etc/shadow.. not MD5

Also, why "su" worked if the password file was corrupted?
Instead I think it was a combination of incompatible versions of "hurd" (so the "login" program
and the password server) and "glibc":
upgrading the hurd all gone OK.. so..

1) or the bug has been fixed yet

2) or that is one of the strange things of life: so common on computers.. in this case it's probably better try some
debugging on the evil program: maybe there's a sleepy bug!

but if i don't know which one I prefer to not lose my time since the latest version of hurd works.


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