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Re: gnu-latest.tar.gz

> restarted my computer..
> I can't login!!!:
> login> login root
> password: *****
> Error: (mig/ipc) server died...
> the libc 2.3.x i need for installing gcc kills my /hurd/password (I
> interpreted)
> what can i do for having a working hurd without downloading 1GB of ISO
> images?
> PS: i think it is the libc because it appened another time, when I only
> tried to upgraded my system, and so the libc.

I had this problem before but I couldn't figure out which package was the
problem. I know a newer glibc, Hurd, etc doesn't have this problem. Perhaps you
can upgrade from GNU/Linux... There is a dpkg-hurd script that can be used for
that... I think.

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