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Re: Translated Hurd-Install-Guide

> > > I wondered why the text says `Debian GNU Hurd' (and `GNU Hurd' in
> > > inappropriate contexts) and changed that to `Debian GNU/Hurd' (and
> > > `GNU/Hurd', respectively), but then found that Neals original text
> > > contains the terms that you used, so you are not be blamed here.
> [...] 
> > > Neal, would you please fix this in the english original (or tell me to
> > > fix it and send you a patch if you don't have the time)?
> >
> > Please see above. If possible, let's keep the slash here,
> > to stick to widely used conventions.
> Why `keep there'?  I did not intend to remove any slash, I wanted to
> add it because it was missing!  At least one of us is confused here...

Wolfgang, you are right. I was referring to the previous post here.


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