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Re: Translated Hurd-Install-Guide

After i have added umlauts, rewrite/retranslate some sections a new
version of the translation is available.
The Makefile/Makerules are untouched, i don't know why i have these
files edited...maybe i was tired and would finalize the text...

I have uploaded the .texi and Makefile to:


As you can see, an .dvi and .txt version is also available.

One error i have found, bur can't solve this one.
On page 4 in the pdf/dvi file, in the right bottom i can see an
black square. Maybe anyone can help me.

Best regards Oliver

Version: 3.12
GO d- s: a-- C+++ UL++ U*+ P+ L+++ E- W++ N++ o+ K- w-- w---
O- PS+ PE- Y+ PGP- t--  5- X+ R- tv- b++ DI D+ G e h++ r y++ 

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