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Re: Howto compile qt-x11 on the Hurd / testers needed

Le mar 15/10/2002 à 01:18, Marcus Brinkmann a écrit :

> does this mean you will port KDE next? :)

No, because for one thing I don't know much about KDE, and because I
already had just enough disk space to compile qt...
But if you have a spare 50To disk, I may change my mind ;-)

> That's easy with dpkg-architecture (lots of examples of that these days).

hmmm, the debian/rules now just does cp debian/configs/ files to
configs/ ; I'm not even sure it is policy-compliant to do so...
> > 3) test; 
> > 4) file a bug report with patch to the bts 
> You should also consider filing upstream related issues directly upstream in
> addition to the BTS.  Although Debian maintainers are encouraged to do that
> themselves, and frequently do, sometimes (for example, for orphaned
> packages) this ain't happen and can cause serious delays.  Also, if upstream
> has questions about the patch it's much easier if they get direct connection
> to Hurd people.

I guess qt isn't orphaned yet... I'll probably send a mail to the bts,
and try to have news on irc...

> Hell, this is more than minimal testing in my book, just go on and file
> those reports :)

Ok, I'll proceed when I find time.

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