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Re: Howto compile qt-x11 on the Hurd / testers needed


does this mean you will port KDE next? :)

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 06:01:33PM +0200, PUYDT Julien wrote:
> What's needed to port this source package cleanly to the Hurd? 
> 1) modify the configs/hurd* files; 
> 2) patch the debian/rules to _add_ (not modify them) the lines that copy
> to hurd-* files; 

That's easy with dpkg-architecture (lots of examples of that these days).

> 3) test; 
> 4) file a bug report with patch to the bts 

You should also consider filing upstream related issues directly upstream in
addition to the BTS.  Although Debian maintainers are encouraged to do that
themselves, and frequently do, sometimes (for example, for orphaned
packages) this ain't happen and can cause serious delays.  Also, if upstream
has questions about the patch it's much easier if they get direct connection
to Hurd people.

> I don't really know how to do 3 properly ; so I need help there. I don't
> want to send something to the bts without at least minimum testing.
> For example, building and testing packages depending on qt seems a good
> way to test... I made nethack-qt, and it works. 

Hell, this is more than minimal testing in my book, just go on and file
those reports :)


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