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Howto compile qt-x11 on the Hurd / testers needed


* cd /bin ; ln -s g++-3.2 g++ (this enables not to change all conffiles
from g++ to g++-3.2); 
* export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/X11R6/lib (qt compiles execs, then runs them);
* all build-dependancies (for example, libmng1 version 1.0.4-2 is now
compilable on the Hurd);
* sources unpacked in qt-x11-2.3.1/ ;

What to do:
- in configs, there are already a number of hurd-* files ; overwrite
them with the equivalent linux-* files ; 
- in debian/rules, you need to change the lines that copy
debian/configs/shared and debian/configs/gl-shared to linux-* files to
hurd equivalents; 

make -f debian/rules build > build.log 2>&1 (as user) 
make -f debian/rules binary > binary.log 2>&1 (as root) 
should run without problem.

What's needed to port this source package cleanly to the Hurd? 
1) modify the configs/hurd* files; 
2) patch the debian/rules to _add_ (not modify them) the lines that copy
to hurd-* files; 
3) test; 
4) file a bug report with patch to the bts 

I don't really know how to do 3 properly ; so I need help there. I don't
want to send something to the bts without at least minimum testing.

For example, building and testing packages depending on qt seems a good
way to test... I made nethack-qt, and it works. 

Snark on #hurd, #hurdfr

before some ask: yes, nethack is a sgid program, so export
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/X11R6/lib doesn't help to run it.
But if root does something as naughty as:
cd /X11R6/lib
for toto in `ls`; do ln -s /X11R6/lib/$toto /lib/$toto; done
then obviously nethack-qt runs...

if you ever have a doubt on how to write "naughty", don't make the same
mistake as me: googling for it...

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