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Re: Which packages should I use?

Jason Dagit <dagit@engr.orst.edu> wrote:
> My long running theory about this is that people crave a shorter
> colloquial(sp?) term for talking about both linux and hurd.  If I were
> talking about them in the official sense I would try to use GNU/Hurd, or
> GNU/Linux, but in conversations it seems awkward.  And how many non-GNU
> versions of linux and hurd are there?  Sometimes it seems redundant to
> qualify linux and hurd with GNU....

It is often very helpful to distinguish between the kernel and the whole
system.  In other words, there is a difference between the Hurd and
GNU/Hurd as well as a difference between Linux and GNU/Linux, so the
added "GNU/" makes for a completely different meaning.  So it certainly
is never redundant.  When you are too lazy to say "GNU Slash Hurd", you
can also call it just GNU, but be careful not to confuse people by doing


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