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Re: Which packages should I use?

Thank you for your kind answer.
It's very helpful.

> PS: The official name is "Debian GNU/Hurd".  As so many people speak
> about "Debian/Hurd", I wonder where they did read that term, because a
> web page using this term should be corrected.

Sorry about the name. From now on, I use "Debian GNU/Hurd" instead.
but I think it's not responsible to Debian site. They called "Debian
GNU/Hurd" exactly in every their pages.
It's something concerned about people's habit that they calls Linux
distribution sets' name... RedHat Linux, Suse Linux, TurboLinux, etc.
Maybe if someone is to blame about calling name incorrectly, it's mainly
Linux-concerned companies, not Debian, I think.

Thanks again.

Choe, Hyun-ho

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