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Re: ssh on hurd

David Walter<dwalter@syr.edu> writes:

> Jaap Karssenberg <j.g.karssenberg@student.utwente.nl> writes:
>>>  Try marcus' random translator, usually it can be found at
>>> ftp.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/random.tar.gz but for now since alpha
>>> is unavailable try hurd.dyndns.org/random.tar.gz .  No guanrantees about
>>> the bandwidth of my site, but you should be able to get it no problem.
>> I downed the random tar ball, but it seems to expect the existence of a 
>> "../Makeconf" - how should I aquire and/or create such a file ?
Apologies, I was  on  my way  out of  the  house  when I replied,   on
re-re-reading this it doesn't seem very clear.

> There is a report on the hurd mailing list independent of the source
> tree.

There is a record of someone making the random translator w/o building
it under the  hurd  source.  Building in  the  hurd tree may be   more
straight forward.

I can't  locate the reference for the  steps to build independently of
the source tree at the moment, sorry.

> If you have   the  hurd source, and    untar beneath the  tree,  and
> configure, then  make in the random directory.   IIRC  that's all it
> takes.

I hope that makes sense.

Hope springs eternal!

/ \

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