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Re: fdisk

On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 11:08:31PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> personaly I wouldn't bother much, i don't think anyone would
> want to adapt fdisk for using Hurd interfaces like parted does.
> James suggested to write an fdisk frontend to parted, what do
> you think? if i get some time i'd like to take on that. 

Yes, when i saw James proposal i tought about it, and i think
that rewriting or modifing it to be a libparted frontend is
the way to go beacuse the current src is a mess. It can also
be used by Linux.

If you want we can work on this.

> as said about the util-linux package, it's very unportable and
> a pain for us. The GNU/*BSD people are using a util-netbsd
> package for them with their specific stuff. IMHO the best way is
> to split the portable code from util-linux into a common package
> and build a separate one a la 'util-gnu' to have our replacements.

I've got all what is not really Linux specific to compile under the Hurd.
And yes quite unportable, 100k of patch :P. I'm testing and polishing
last details, but in few days it will be finished.


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