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menu package broken, trouble with Emacs21

Hello there,

as recommended, I wiped out my GNU/Hurd partition and reinstalled
everything from scratch. (Please excuse my ignorance, as a none-coder
I can't see much of a difference. What is this "libio" stuff all
about, after all?,) 

Unfortunately Debian's menu package is still missing in the Hurd
archives. I tried to build menu-2.1.5-10.1 but unfortunately it fails
trying to compile update-menus/update-menus.cc

The compiler complains about a parse error before "{" in the included
file "adstring.h" (from the same dir) in line 26:
class String:public string{

This leads to many subsequent errors and building thus fails. Due to
my complete illiteracy, I could not figure out any syntax error. Maybe
some Hurd hacker around here can. It would be nice to see menu working
again, I like it a lot. (Oh well, building under GNU/Linux also fails,
but at a much later stage. I haven't examined it yet)

Second, I installed Emacs 21.2-1 from alpha.gnu.org, and although it
works after a fashion (albeit still crashes a lot, signalling a "Fatal
Error 11" and freezing the screen), it refuses to show up under X
unless the -nw option was given on the command line. There is an emacs
process in the process list (can only be killed with "-9"), but no
window comes up. This prob has been mentioned here some month ago and
I filed a bug against it (at that time still for emacs20) but there
was no response so far. Another subscriber then wrote IIRC that "emacs
clearly freezes at the X sync call".

It would be really nice if some Debian hackers could address this
issue. With a working emacs, GNU/Hurd would finally become kind of
useful for me (mainly for TeXing). 

Emacs in an xterm looks really weird. If you work at the console, as
long as you can't switch back and forth between console and X,
previewing a dvi would require starting X each time anew.

Sorry for my impatience. I'd just like to be able to use GNU/Hurd for
some everyday work.



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