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Re: [XXX] menu package broken, trouble with Emacs21

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 22:09, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> The compiler complains about a parse error before "{" in the included
> file "adstring.h" (from the same dir) in line 26:
> class String:public string{
If Daniel's message was not sufficient, then I suggest that you follow
the advice of James Morrison and add:

using namespace std;

before line 26

As the previous posters, so am I confused as to why this problem occurs
only here.  Perhaps it is the compiler?  I had been using 2.96 to
compile my program and when I tried to port it, found that 2.96 was
(wrongly, I believe) doing an implicit "using namespace std;".   

Perhaps 3.0 has removed this impicit statement..?



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