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Re: [Press] Distributing the Gnu Hurd

Joshua Judson Rosen <rozzin@geekspace.com> writes:
> > Please keep in mind that the whole system should be referred
> > to as either "GNU", "GNU/Hurd" or "Debian GNU/Hurd", where
> > "the GNU Hurd" is not the same as "GNU/Hurd".
> Mmm. Someone once explained to me that "GNU/Hurd" (and "GNU/Linux",
> too) is like "TCP/IP", in which the slash is pronounced as "over"
> (like `(2^.5)/2' is pronounced `root-two over two').
> Contrarily, "GNU Hurd" uses "GNU" as an adjective describing "Hurd"....

The Hurd (or the GNU Hurd) is not the whole system, just a part of it.
The FAQ can explain all.

Marco Parrone <marc0@autistici.org>
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