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The HURD on the desktop ?

I've been looking in on Hurd development for sometime now, and I decided that 
it was time to ask some dumb questions.

I currently use Linux (LFS) and have previously used Debian, and I was 

a) Can I install Debian GNU/Hurd as easily as "regular" Linux based Debian ?

b) What kind of Desktop support am I looking at, I know we don't have pthreads 
so I guess that rules out my wonderful KDE3 desktop, but how about such nice 
things as Fluxbox and Mozilla ?

c) I want to help out, but my skills are limited to some basic C++ knowlegde, 
and I know nothing what so ever about low level hardware development, etc. 
What's there to do for a geek like myself?

oh and while I remember... good work guys..

- David Nielsen

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