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Re: The HURD on the desktop ?

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 05:59:12PM +0200, David Nielsen wrote:

> c) I want to help out, but my skills are limited to some basic C++
> knowlegde, and I know nothing what so ever about low level hardware
> development, etc.  What's there to do for a geek like myself?

Depending on how "basic" the knowledge is, you could help in the
porting efforts.  There's alot of problems where people incorrectly
use some POSIX defines that give us grief.

We also have several non-programming tasks:

1) Our web sites need work.

2) Our manuals need.. err..  writing.

3) Start an "evangelisation" team that starts to look at the Hurd and
come up with good ways that Hurd features can make life easier,
better, etc.  So far our Debian efforts have been focused on being

Soon it will be time to show the world why we're *really* cool.

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 there are some fantastic pictures.
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