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about sysvinit


well, i know, the bug reports are sent long time ago and they're very
old, and i'm concerned about the "dummy" solution but.. ;))

is it a feasible idea to make a, say, hurdinit package and then OR-ify
the dependences, [sysinit|hurdinit]?

    $ grep -c "Depends: .*sysvinit" /var/lib/dpkg/available

there're only 9 packages in unstable-linux that depend on it :)

the hurdinit pkg would be the dummy one used now, or maybe an special
init for the system, i don't kow.

i think that a better idea may be fix the outstanding bugs, including
this (i've already seen Marcus' solution), specially as the sysvinit is
a basic package in the Deb G/L system; but i suppose that this solution
is more or less like "take over" the package from the maintainer hands..
a little bit drastical :/


Manuel A. Fernández Montecelo <manuel@sindominio.net>

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