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util-linux [was Re: remote X applications]

>>>>> " " == Glenn Alexander <jxmlisa@online.ln.cn> writes:

     > On Friday 29 June 2001 02:16, Paul Emsley wrote:
    >> Actually, it was very easy, I changed __linux__ to __GNU__ in
    >> mcookie.c and typed make.  Tada!  (I think also that prngd
    >> should be used as one of the RNG, but I didn't include it).
    >> We also get col, cal, look, ddate, logger, chkdupexe, kill,
    >> renice, arch etc.  I was surprised by how much so-called
    >> "linux" stuff got built.
    >> Paul.
     > If stuff is that portable, shouldn't it be moved out of
     > util-linux and put with the general GNU utils??? My impression
     > from the previous posts is that util-linux is for
     > Linux-specific utils that are not portable to other arches???

        I agree.  It seems much depends on glibc, not linux (thanks

        But there will be Flack(tm).



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