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remote X applications


       It would be convenient for me to be able to display X
      applications from my GNU/Linux box on my GNU/Hurd X
      server. However, I am not even able to get xclock working

      Has anyone has success with this?

      I used "xhost +" on the X server machine... 

      I wonder if this has anything to do with xauth?  I tried to take
      the xauth stuff out of startx, but still couldn't get it
      working.  Also I tried removing "-nolisten" from
      xinit/xserverrc, but to no avail...

      Hmmm...  I am stuck.

      Oh... xauth seems to fails because there is no mcookie.  There
      is no mcookie because it is part of util-linux (why?).  I had a
      look at mcookie, but it seemed non-trivial to port so I thought
      to ask if it has been done before.




      (And on a completely different topic: (building oskit-mach)
      where can I get cpus.h?)


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