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Re: Woody release?

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > ash and busybox are not turtle'd yet, but could work out of the box.
> > Jeff?
> ash needs pmake, and may have a PATH_MAX issue. Maybe it is already
> reported and/or incorporated?
> busybox might need some hacks for mount etc?
> Or do you mean you already tested them? I think GLenn was building busybox
> in the past.

Busybox needs a modified Config.h, i havent tried it under the Hurd for
quite a while now and the way commands are called have changed a bit so
it may need some more changes. 

Any busybox features that dont work under the Hurd can just be turned
off. It does makes it less functional, but busybox can provide over a
hundred commands (if i remember correctly), and there werent that many
functions commands in busybox that were wanted (we dont want insmod and
friends) and didnt work.

Give me a week and ill start to look into it, i accidently wiped my Hurd
partition during an.. expirement, and im still tied up with other
busybox stuff.


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