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Re: compiling packages

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:

    Jeff> Brian, did you post these packages somewhere?  I'd like to
    Jeff> use them to build sendmail.

No, I was not happy yet with the results. sasl had broken Depends, and
the openldap libraries were broken by libtool.

Yesterday I upgraded my network at home from coaxial to twisted pair,
but guess what computer doesn't have a twisted pair network adaptor? 
Correct, it was my Hurd computer[1] :-(. 

I hope to fix this ASAP (as soon as I found a network adaptor that
doesn't crash Gnumach --- the only one I have got working yet is the
current 3COM card), and should be able to give you my deb packages
then, if you still want.


[1] yuck. should I say "my Hurd", or "my the Hurd computer"[2]?

[2] that is obviously bad grammar, I should have said "me the Hurd
computer" instead ;-). So the whole sentence would read: "Correct, it
was me the Hurd computer." ;-)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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