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installing gnupg


to install gnupg, you need a --force-depends because of a versioned
dependency on makedev. A dummy package won't work because the Hurd is
conflicting with makedev, which is essential to avoid breakage by accidently
installing it.

1. dpkg should be fixed (old issue)
2. gnupg should probably not have this dependency for Hurd systems, but
architecture specific control files are slightly inconvenient, and in an
ideal world it would work just fine (see 1.)
3. makedev MUST be something else than binary-all. It should be
binary-all-linux, but that is not implemented in our packaging system. It
should be. This requires some global effort and some lobbying for this
feature. It could list all linu arches and become binary-any, which is lame.
Then hurd doesn't need to conflict with makedev and a dummy package would
work even when dpkg isn't fixed.


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