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Re: Not so silly question about the name of the Hurd

Robert Bihlmeyer wrote: 

> Anyway, the alternative "der Hurd" is not better, and "das Hurd"
> sounds really bad -- all IMHO of course, YMMV.

I thought you were supposed to say "GNU/Hurd"  ;)

Do you generally need an article in front anyway, or could you say
"Installieren Sie bitte GNU/Hurd", and "Ich liebe GNU/Hurd"?  

I might of course be way off, since in Norwegian you don't use articles
like "the" and "der/die/das", but instead append something like "en" to
the word, making it "Hurden".

I think the bottom line is that people think too much, and that we
should really be speaking English everywhere anyway  :)

When in doubt: Think again.

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