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Hurd information


I'm a new "user" to Hurd.

I have installed it, and it works ok, but know I want some "getting
started" help to find all stuff out there so I can update the system,
and install some useful programs like gcc :-)
When I try to install .deb files from the sid dist, I just complains on
files (libc versions for example) that dosen't even exist there.
And apt-get crashes, complains about the Packages file .. 
Don't know if that is a good version of apt-get, found it on alpha.gnu.org.

I have search around the web, but allmost I just find outdated files/docs
about it.

So, can anyone please help me with that?
What I want is information where I find all stuff, like updated binarys
so I can recompile stuff etc .. 

I have search the mailinglists, but I have problaby missed all good stuff
that has been asked here before, I'm not problaby the first one :-)

So, any good web sites? cvs servers? (up-to-date) You know ... 

Feed me.

Dan Bylund

(excuse my bad english)

  Dan Bylund - http://tiberius.scriptkiddie.sh
Linux/BSD User - BeDev ID E-1474 - Unix Sysadmin

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