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Re: Not so silly question about the name of the Hurd

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Dan Sheppard wrote:

> Should it follow the gender of the word for "herd" in the language?
> For example "das Hurd" cf "das Herde" ???

how about translating the underlying meaning?

that leaves us, for example in german, with 
"Htrs von UNIX-Ersetzenden Daemonen" and
"Hued von Tiefe Repraesentierenden Schnittstellen" 

this renders the question which article to use rather senseless and
thereby solved. the only very deep question that remains is how to
transscribe the 'H' in language that do not provide this outstanding
character ;-)

peter koellner <peter@mezzo.net>
canbox mobile reaction forces ;-)

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