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One more Q: Hurd & pthreads

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I've been following the mails on this thread and I have some questions.
Isn't the fact of implementing pthreads using glibc and not the basic thread
model provided by the Mach kernel a redundancy ?
Shoudn't the system make use of the facilities already provided by its core
in such internal features as tasks and threads instead of relaying on an
external module ?
I'm sorry if I didn't get the point clear, but as I see it, there is a
multithreaded kernel at the botton and a bunch of user-land programs using
another thread implementation on top of it.
Please, correct me if I am wrong, after all I'm just trying to learn, and I
wouldn't be making these questions here and taking anyone's time if there
where a place I could read and learn about all this.

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