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Re: Q: Hurd & pthreads

> I'd like to know what is situation with threads in Hurd.
> As I know (correct me if I'm wrong) Mach provide it's own thread model which
> is incompatible with POSIX spec.

Mostly wrong.  Mach provided a thread model that a base for building
thread packages (e.g. cthreads and pthreads).  At the moment, cthreads
is the only real application level threading package that we have.

> But all modern OSes should support pthreads because many latest programms
> use it: new Apache, Gnome, etc. So far there is no doubt that Hurd should
> support pthreads. (Is there?)

A bit:  The hurd is not the one that will support pthreads -- it will be

> What is the best approach to Hurd to implement pthreads?

Start with what Mark has: http://soliton.wins.uva.nl/~kettenis/pthread/

> Is it possible to extend threads support in Mach up to POSIX?


> Is it possible to port user-level threads( AKA Linux threads) to Hurd, will
> it need changes in Mach?

Too many.

> Is Mach threads kernel or user level?


> What is better: extend existing Mach threadig model or rewrite it from the
> scratch?

You would have to rewrite the kernel, so, the existing Mach model.

> How difficult are these tasks?

On a scale from one to ten, I would have to say that it is not ten, nor
is it one.  You really need to understand the mach API (i.e. ports and
tasks) and glibc.


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