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Re: GRUB lockup during boot


Thank you for the reply.  I believe you are correct about the conflict not
coming from the SCSI controller.  I tried going in and removing each of my
PCI & ISA cards one at a time, including the SCSI controller, and the lockup
still occurs.  I even had a spare video card that I pulled out of the dustbin
and installed.

I believe that a kernel build as you suggest is probably the only solution
to this, as something is obviously conflicting internally that I can't seem
to isolate.  I will probably also wax the HURD partition and start over, d/l 
the .debs and using the dpkg-hurd program from within my debian partition 
rebuild this time. 

Unfortunately I won't have a chance to do this for a few days, but I will drop
you and the list an email letting everyone know what happens.  Hopefully 
someone else will be able to benefit from from anything I learn.

Thanks for putting me on right track,

Roger Williams

On Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 06:15:06PM -0500, Neal H Walfield wrote:

> It is supported; I have an AIC7895 that works great.  If sounds to me
> like it might be the next device that is causing you problems, most
> likely the network card.  You could try removing devices until it works
> or build a custom kernel with only your own hardware (this is very easy
> on a Debian system).
> -Neal

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