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GRUB lockup during boot

Hello all,

In an attempt to install the HURD, I've ran into a snag during the GRUB boot
floppy boot process, and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it as
well and might have some tips in getting around it.

I've been following "The Easy Guide to Installing Hurd on a Linux Box" docs
that I pulled off the net and used the method of getting the large tarball
and exploding it into its own partition.  When I boot off of the floppy I have
been able to get all the way to "boot" command and the kernel appears to boot
fine up until it sees my SCSI card.  

This system is a 750MHz Athlon, 128M RAM, 3 IDE HD's, all of which the kernel 
seems to recognize fine.  There is also an Adaptec 2930B Ultra SCSI card which
has 2 CDROM's and a JAZ drive on it.  Both Linux and xBSD is recognize the 
card as an AH7XXX card which also is supported by the HURD kernel from all the
info I was able to locate.  What happens to me is it sees the device and 
always gets to a point where the following line appears.

(scsi 0) Downloading sequencer code 419 instructions downloaded

At this point the system freezes and the only way to unlock it is to hit the 
'reset' or power buttons.  I've checked to make sure that the IRQ for my SCSI
card isn't shared, and it isn't, its IRQ10.  There aren't any shared IRQ's on 
the entire system actually.  I've also created a new boot floppy several times
using floppy images from the web page, and tried both the latest version, and 
the 0.5.95 version.  I get the same results from all of the boot floppies I've

Maybe this card isn't supported afterall, I'm not sure.  I was hoping that 
someone could tell me if they are using this card with the HURD and having no
problems with it.  That would at least tell me that I have compatible 
hardware, and something else is causing this problem.

Thank you in advance,

Roger Williams

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