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Re: GRUB lockup during boot

"Roger W. Williams" <spiffer@eclipse.net> writes:

> This system is a 750MHz Athlon,
> What happens to me is it sees the device and 
> always gets to a point where the following line appears.
> (scsi 0) Downloading sequencer code 419 instructions downloaded
> At this point the system freezes 

That's usually a problem with a specific mach driver. The general
solution is to (cross-)compile gnumach with only the drivers you need
(the distributed binary includes almost all available drivers).

Do you happen to use a FIC SD11 mobo? In this case the eatadma driver
is very probably the culprit. See

On second thought, the conflict I encountered may be with the VIA
chipset that is used by many Athlon boards. So disabling eatadma may
be a good idea even if you use another board.

Please report what motherboard you have and whether disabling eatadma
fixes it. Because if this affects most Athlon boxes, it would be good
to turn the eatadma driver off per default.


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