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Re: GRUB lockup during boot

> (scsi 0) Downloading sequencer code 419 instructions downloaded
> At this point the system freezes and the only way to unlock it is to hit the 
> 'reset' or power buttons.  I've checked to make sure that the IRQ for my SCSI
> card isn't shared, and it isn't, its IRQ10.  There aren't any shared IRQ's on 
> the entire system actually.  I've also created a new boot floppy several times
> using floppy images from the web page, and tried both the latest version, and 
> the 0.5.95 version.  I get the same results from all of the boot floppies I've
> created.  

If you are able to boot anything then your ``boot floppy'' is fine.  All
the floppy holds is Grub.

> Maybe this card isn't supported afterall, I'm not sure.  I was hoping that 
> someone could tell me if they are using this card with the HURD and having no
> problems with it.  That would at least tell me that I have compatible 
> hardware, and something else is causing this problem.

It is supported; I have an AIC7895 that works great.  If sounds to me
like it might be the next device that is causing you problems, most
likely the network card.  You could try removing devices until it works
or build a custom kernel with only your own hardware (this is very easy
on a Debian system).


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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