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Re: Packages needing to be tested

Hallo! Du (Neal H Walfield) hast geschrieben:

>> the Package isn't orphaned or something, else i would apply
>> as New Maintainer to take it over, as i like that editor very
>> much.
>You could try to get someone to do an NMU for you.

ok, i'll ask on devel for this...

>> Ob-Hurd: it would be nice if your list could be enhanced, so that
>> the reports about compiling (or not) with the changes could be
>> documented. (this also avoids double work.)
>I am not sure what you mean.  For instance...

Your List just checks for (i386 and not hurd-i386), but it
doesn't mention for instance 'slocate' and 'jove' which were
successfully compiled, but aren't (yet) available as
hurd-i386-packages in the distribution... 

it would be nice if i could check for one of these packages, and
can find out 'it works, but ...'

or other way round in your list appears 'modutils'... this could
be flagged as 'not needed'.

but i think thats a lot of work to implement.

echo 'kfabj?%abgerrf?%fabjsynxrf?1000?%fp?lryybj?&'|
tr '?n-z$N-Z&a-m!A-M^%' ' a-m~A-M.n-z<N-Z@-'|
$(echo 'Plattfisch'|tr -d 'Packetlift')&&echo D$(echo Leitplanke|
sed -e 's/.\{6\}//')||echo 'oops.'

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