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porting to other architectures (68k no mmu family)


Pardon the inane question, but how possible would it
be to port Hurd to processors like
68328/68EZ328/etc... (yes, palm pilots...) ?

One would start with the mach microkernel right?

I've been testing/debugging uClinux for about a year
now and came across an article (via slashdot)
mentioning Hurd and embedded devices. I had read about
Hurd before and it seems like it might have some
interesting advantages over linux for embedded devices
(highly configurable and able to be small).

Thanks for your patience,
Craig Comstock

email      : craig_comstock@yahoo.com
homepage   : http://craig_comstock.tripod.com/
palm-linux : http://palm-linux.sourceforge.net/

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