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Re: porting to other architectures (68k no mmu family)

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Comstock <craig_comstock@yahoo.com> writes:

    Craig> Hi- Pardon the inane question, but how possible would it be
    Craig> to port Hurd to processors like 68328/68EZ328/etc... (yes,
    Craig> palm pilots...) ?

	Theoretically, yes.  Actually the Hurd is designed to be
      portable - just cross compile to the appropriate target.

    Craig> One would start with the mach microkernel right?

	Yes.  This is the where the majority of the work would
      lie. It is a substantial undertaking.  IIRC, GNU Mach depends
      substantially on memory management, you would have to do a

    Craig> I've been testing/debugging uClinux for about a year now
    Craig> and came across an article (via slashdot) 

	The "slashdot" view of the Hurd is somewhat shallow and

    Craig> I had read about Hurd before and it seems like it might
    Craig> have some interesting advantages over linux for embedded
    Craig> devices (highly configurable and able to be small).

	Hmmm... a small gnumach+Hurd (which would be no easy task to
      create) would (IMHO) not be as small as a small linux, but you
      could relatively easily tailor to fit the Hurd servers.

	Good luck,



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