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Re: Status of ftpfs?

> What is the current status of the ftpfs translator?

Mark claims it works.  It never works for me. 

>  The CVS logs show that most development was done by Miles Bader
>  back in late 1997.  The CVS log for ftpfs.h also says that Mr. Bader has
>  since left the FSF.

He does not work on the hurd anymore.

>                  Other than a few updates from Roland McGrath,
>  Thomas Bushnell, and Mark Kettenis, there hasnt been any changes
>  recorded in CVS.  Is there a developer working on any of ftpfs 
>  outside of CVS that anyone here knows of?  Mark Kettenis seems
>  to be the latest contributor, but I dont want to assume.

No.  Feel free to fix it.

> Also, can it be compiled separately from the rest of the hurd sources?

On a hurd machine sure.  You will have to muck with the Makefiles.

> This looks like what I would like to work on to contribute to the Hurd,
> if no one else already has ownership.  I am not a professional developer,
> so my contributions would be sparse and in need of peer review, but
> Im confident I can fill in a few missing pieces and squash a few bugs.

Great.  Best of luck.


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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