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Re: porting to other architectures (68k no mmu family)

> Pardon the inane question, but how possible would it
> be to port Hurd to processors like
> 68328/68EZ328/etc... (yes, palm pilots...) ?
> One would start with the mach microkernel right?
Sure, porting Mach is absolutely necessary, as far as the Hurd
is concerned. But the Hurd requires a lot of resources right
now, and I doubt that palmtops provide enough RAM right now.

Other version of Mach support more that just i386. For example,
osfmk (http://www.mklinux.org/) supports HP_PA as well and
rtmach supports alpha, i386, luna88k, parisc, m88k, mips.
It was done before, so doing this for gnumach/oskit-mach should
be possible as well.

> I've been testing/debugging uClinux for about a year
> now and came across an article (via slashdot)
The slashdot article is a bit skewed ;-)

> mentioning Hurd and embedded devices. I had read about
> Hurd before and it seems like it might have some
> interesting advantages over linux for embedded devices
> (highly configurable and able to be small).
Look at RTEMS, if you're interested in kernels for embedded
devices. RTEMS supports a lot of architectures and it's free
software too:




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