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Re: Newbie - Network problems

Daniel Mattner <Daniel.Mattner@gmx.net> writes:

> Which packages are the important ones ??

If you're not short on diskspace, and can spare some download time, I
recommend starting "dselect". In select mode, you will not only see
all available packages, sortable by priority, but it will also
auto-select all packages with priorites required, important, or
standard. This is the easiest way to get to a system with all the
usual things installed.

> I'm looking for : cvs, gcc, ld, man, info, vi/vim/emacs
> any suggestions in which packages i can find them ??

The packages are called: cvs, gcc, ld, man-db, info, nvi, vim,
emacs20. As you can see, the package names are pretty
straight-forward, and searching the package list (in dselect, or with
"apt-cache search") will usually work.

I recommend getting .../dists/woody/Contents-hurd-i386.gz from your
nearest Debian mirror. This is a list of files with their
corresponding packages.

> By the way : I can't stop ping using ^C, ^D, ^Z. Is this normal ??

It works for me, but others have reported that, too. I can't remember
the exact discussion, you may want to search the list archives.


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