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Re: Newbie - Network problems

> Does Mach output a line about "eth0" while booting? Then your chances
> are good that the driver is there. In that case, the only thing you're
> missing is the IP stack. How to set that up is detailed in the Easy
> Guide <URL:http://www.pick.ucam.org/~mcv21/hurd.html> in step 6.

I tried this before I wrote this mail. The result has been :
Multi-User :
- device bussy , I think this should be alright, so I tried single ..
- go away - No Error, simply a new prompt
- /hurd/pfinet -i=eth0 -a .. -g .. -m .. - Translator died
- ping did not help any further - not supported on this socket (or

Any suggestions ??

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