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Re: Newbie - Network problems

Daniel Mattner <Daniel.Mattner@gmx.net> writes:

> Ok, I have a problem with my network. The kernel recognises my network
> card during bootup. Unfortunately it doesn't initialise it. I seem to
> have a not common Realtec card (8029).
> Where can I get a working version of a network card driver and how do I
> install them ??

Does Mach output a line about "eth0" while booting? Then your chances
are good that the driver is there. In that case, the only thing you're
missing is the IP stack. How to set that up is detailed in the Easy
Guide <URL:http://www.pick.ucam.org/~mcv21/hurd.html> in step 6.

If Mach is silent about your card, only then do you need to secure a
driver for it.

> I also read about a program called apt - What is it ? What can it do for
> me ??

apt is a tool that allows you to easily fetch, install, and upgrade
Debian packages. With it you can issue "apt-get install foo" and apt
will fetch the foo package and install it. Another single line command
will upgrade all installed packages to the newest available version.

That's the theory. In practice, since Debian/Hurd is in an early
stage, things will not always progress as smoothly. But in general, apt
relieves you from a lot of footwork. It sometimes even halts the
machine for you ... <eg>

A Debian package containing apt is available under

> Mounting my Linux partition worked just fine, but as I wanted to mount a
> FAT32 partition I couldn't find a translator for it.



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