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Newbie - Network problems

Hi there,

I'm new to the HURD system and my knowledge about programming under
Linux/UNIX/FreeBSD is limitted. In fact it is non existent. Therefore I
will be the one with the stupid questions about anything.

I installed the system from a tar archive (2 weeks old) and it worked
just fine. After some try and error games with Grub I can start the
system now in single and multi-user mode.
Ok, I have a problem with my network. The kernel recognises my network
card during bootup. Unfortunately it doesn't initialise it. I seem to
have a not common Realtec card (8029). 
Where can I get a working version of a network card driver and how do I
install them ??
I also read about a program called apt - What is it ? What can it do for
me ??

Mounting my Linux partition worked just fine, but as I wanted to mount a
FAT32 partition I couldn't find a translator for it. I thought there
should be one because of the GRUB.

Thanks for help.

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