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Re: XFree86 4.0.1 works!

On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 03:49:40AM -0700, Steve Bowman wrote:
> Diamond Viper V770 using nv driver.
> Umm.  This driver has at least one really annoying bug.  Since this is
> X-related instead of hurd-related, I'll probably work it last unless it
> just bugs me too much.  Before starting X, I have white on black, after
> X exits the first time, it's a very faint white on black, after the 2nd
> and subsequent exits, it's black on black so I have to type blind or work
> from a remote login.  Something's not getting saved or restored right.

I see now something similar wioth the vga driver in current CVS X.
There are always funny terminal colors when I exit (pink on black, bright
green on black, dark blue on black etc).
> On debian-x, there was some discussion about using nvidia's non-free
> driver.  I didn't really follow the discussion very closely since I
> hadn't moved up to X4 on linux, but I think I'll go check the archives
> to see if this is a widely-known bug with the xfree86 nv driver or what.

Maybe it's a broader problem?

> Anyway, as long as I stay in X all is well (sort of :-)).

Hehe. I was actually not yet able to start it properly. The server starts
up, but when using startx, twm is also runs, but the menus are black on
black. But I have a completely messed up install, because I have Debian X
3.3.6 packages, X 401 manual install and X 4.0.1 phase2v21 Debian packages
all in the same root fs tree, installed over each other. I'll have to clean
up and reinstall from scratch to test it properly, but only after Branden
released new deb source with Hurd support in it.

I will probably upload the 4.0.1 debs I produced saturday, although because
of the above bugs I am not sure how useful this is.


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