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Re: XFree86 4.0.1 works!

Works for me, too!

I downloaded, patched, built, and installed X 4.01 last night.  But I
didn't get it configured or running.

Today, got it configured.  Had a problem with the mouse, patch attached.
This causes the mouse to be opened RO instead of RW (-allowMouseOpenFail
no longer needed).

There are still problems with opening the mouse and keyboard.
Apparently it's a timing problem.  Prestarting the translators seems
to provide a reliable workaround (OK, it's a hack, but it works);
"ls -l /dev/{mouse,kbd}" will suffice to prestart them.


On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 10:07:34PM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Hi,
> That was easier than I expected. A simple counter increment was missing from
> the mouse code, so it didn't receive any events. Now it works.
> In fact, it works excellent. XFree86 4.0.1 is just not supporting my graphic
> card, so I can only run 4bit color depth in 800x600 ;) Also, my graphic
> problems were actually no problems: In depth8, you get only 320x200 (and
> only half the screen was used, I don't know if this is correct. Anyway, with
> depth 4 I get full screen).
> I posted the patch to fixes@xfree86.org, I don't know if this is publicly
> available, so I put up a copy at
> http://www.marcus-brinkmann.de/files/xfree-401.diff.gz

Could you post my patch there too, please.

> The debian packaging will follow later, don't press it, I need to give
> Branden some time to respond to my latets efforts. You also need a small fix
> in the mouse server, which I will add to the next Hurd Debian package soon
> to come.
> There are a couple of problems, here is my current list:
> 1. pflocal gets a load of threads (about 1700 after a couple of minutes
>    using X). This doesn't seem to be harmful though. Killing pflocal
>    between X sessions help. Does killing pflocal during an X session kill X?
> 2. mouse translator get's slow after a while, so mouse movement lags behind.
>    Killing the mouse translator helps. Does killing mouse during an X
>    session disturb X?
> 3. xdm deletes LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the environment, which means that
>    it can't start other X processes. Setting the following in
>    /etc/X11/xdm-config works around that, but might be a security risk(?):
>    DisplayManager.exportList: LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>    Could also be fixed with rpath, which conflicts with Debian policy.
> 4. kbd translator returns Interrupted System Call at open(). I can't
>    reproduce this seperate from the Xserver, so this is a weird problem.
>    Trying several times usually leads to success.

Prestarting the translator masks this.  Seems to be a timing problem.

> 5. pflocal doesn't release the socket, and X thinks another server is
>    already running. Sometimes killing pflocal helps, sometimes not (and in
>    the cases it doesn't, I really wonder what's the culprit).

I haven't looked at the rest of these yet.  Will probably have to wait
till next weekend.

> So, as you can see, X and Hurd servers have some problems to cooperate
> nicely. This is a big chance for you (yes, YOU) to actually get the hand
> dirty with a debugger and debug some *interesting* Hurd translator bugs.
> Don't underestimate the challenge to track down and debug those bugs, and
> the fame will also be yours if you do it!
> Thanks,
> Marcus

We're soooo close. :-)  But it's the last 10% that'll take 90% of the


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