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Re: Looking for a project


Thanks for your comments. I have looked at all the suggestions given in 
response to my post; unfortunately, I don't I'll be able to qualify any of
them as my honours project. It has to be an independant effort with me making
the all the design decisions. 

Having said that, I found several of the
projects very interesting, Linux binary compatibility is an interesting
project, and so is porting hurd to L4 (I haven't seen any commentry on this
topic in this mailing list - what are the general opinions? but I digress.)

Its seems that Farid has information and pointers on these topics, so I'll get
in touch with him.  

> The most useful contribution is the one that is really done. In other words,
> don't bite off more than you can chew ;) and we don't know where your
> strengths are so making a recommendation is hard.

Good advice. I've been hacking code for long; I don't have a huge project
under my belt however. (what do you expect from an undergrad?). My largest
project was 30k lines. What are my strengths are, I dont know, maybe 
developing for the Hurd will tell me. I do want to be part of the Hurd project,
that I know.

> Hope this was at least a bit inspiring.



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