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Re: install method

>>>>> BlowGlass  writes:

 B> some questions at the beginning: -is it possible to boot the hurd
 B> from lilo ?

No.  LILO is only designed to LOad LInux, or to chainload to a
bootloader that understands another operating system.  Only GRUB (and
any other Multiboot loaders out there) can load GNU Mach and the Hurd.

 B> -why can the hurd flag for the fs not be used ?

Because the partition type tells people what kind of filesystem there
is.  Currently, we use Linux EXT2FS (partition type 83, described as
`Linux'), and BSD UFS (which has several different types).

When there is a GNU FS, then we'll probably use the code that was
reserved for `GNU Hurd'.

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